Tracy Zanardo

How the Industry in 2017 works.......  

"Most people spend the majority of their time & resources prospecting for new business... things like: cold calling, door knocking, advertising, direct mailing, etc..."   What I do   " Instead I devote myself to serving the needs of my clients & friends before, during and after each transaction.   

All I ask is that while I'm working for you, I would like you to refer me to people of comparable quality to yourself, who are thinking of the type of service I provide and who would appreciate this same level of attention...."   " you see, as long as you and my clients & friends keep referring me, I don't have to go out prospecting like everyone else, and I can do an even better job working for you in 2017.   This is my passion and goal for the new year, which is so exciting for me and my family to be part of a community that is devoted to developing a safe place for all to grow and work together for one common goal!  peace on earth and good will to men, join me in this new year 2017 let's make Arizona the #1 place to live. 

see you soon!

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